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Introduction To The Thai Taste

Thai food is a taste of balance. The same as the Thai’s way of life (the middle path) and pretty much everything else, the balance is the Thai’s ultimate philosophy that makes Thai cuisine stand out as well as others Thailand’s unique treasures such as Thai dances, musics, textiles, courtly arts, sacred temples or even Thai boxing.

Nonetheless balance doesn’t always mean it has to be blandness. In one single Thai dish, you will taste a flood of different flavors: pungent, sweet, umami, herbal, salty, tangy and bitter. And it is almost impossible to describe the overall flavor with words. That is the principle of the Thai cuisine, it is called the harmonious balance.

Thai food is also considered as a very healthy food but not in the way, say, low fat or low sodium etc. Thai cuisine approaches a healthy meal by using herbs, spices, condiments and vegetables to balance the nutrition of the whole meal. So you can really enjoy eating without worrying that you shouldn’t eat this or eat too much of that.

Thai people love eating maybe a little bit too much, we are willing to travel miles and many hours just to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. It is not unusual for a Thai to drive straight to LA from SF just to have dinner and come back. Come to think about it, what can make you happy that easier than eating? What can satisfy all human basic five senses at this convenience and regularly?; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Thus the meaning of food for Thai people is not only the food that can feeds the body but it also has to feed the soul.

Bon Appetit!

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