Know Your Drunken Chefs

Birt the drunken chef

"Thai food is a taste of balance. The same as the Thai’s way of life (the middle path) and pretty much everything else, the balance is the Thai’s ultimate philosophy that makes Thai cuisine stand out as well as others Thailand’s unique treasures such as Thai dances, musics, textiles, courtly arts, sacred temples or even Thai boxing."

Having worked in almost every Thai restaurant in Marin county for the past 10 years. I love to share my passions and the joys of Thai food with everyone.

My cooking journey began when I was studying at the college in London, UK. I was trained in the kitchen at a hotel chain’s restaurant that ranked the best Thai Restaurant in the UK. Ever since I was hooked with the art of cooking where little tiny details can make a huge difference for the outcome.

I am also still teaching tennis and playing some local leagues and tournaments. The other passionate thing in life that I can’t live without."

Toong the drunken chef

Chef Toong had worked at one of the best five stars hotel in Thailand's kitchen, The Hyatt Central Plaza, Bangkok for many decades. Before moved to US to work for a famous restaurant in Sausalito, California. His masterful chef skilled and expertise came from many years of working experiences ranging from French restaurants, Italian restaurants, American restaurants, Fusion restaurants, Chinese restaurants and yes!, Thai restaurants.

Tong the not so drunken chef

Like every child in Thailand, Chef Tong as a child had to lend her hands in the kitchen chores. Grandparents usually the head chef of every family household. They start their cooking very early in the morning. And all day long after preparing everyone breakfast and lunchboxes, they will usually begin cooking the dinner right away. This is why Thai always has a festive dinner everyday at home. This is how Thai grandparents express their love and care to their children, it is through culinary. Inadvertently, Chef Tong like many Thai has attained a lot of rare authentic Thai cooking techniques and recipes from her grandmother.